Create an Exceptional Customer Experience in Financial Services

Transform banking operations for a customer-centric world leveraging advanced analytics, process automation, omnichannel solutions and artificial intelligence.

“Process and domain excellence and Sutherland’s strong data analytics capabilities have driven measurable improvements in improving the customer experience.”

Digital disruption, open banking and FinTechs are changing the banking and financial services landscape. It is important that banking and financial service providers innovate, transform and respond to the new-age customer aspirations. Banks must leverage new technologies to drive growth and reduce the cost of operations.

Leveraging our deep domain knowledge and AI enabled digital solutions, we help banking and financial service providers create an exceptional banking experience. We assess customer journey challenges and then design customized solutions and services. Our digital solutions, including digital financial services, to enhance customer experience, improve operations and drive down costs.

Cost of origination processing

50 %


Total cost of ownership

45 %


Customer satisfaction




We support consumer lending segments such as auto and personal financing. Sutherland's digital solutions are designed to transform the complete consumer lending lifecycle, including originations, funding, servicing and collections, while helping them meet regulatory requirements. Our solutions drive innovation and support lenders align to the global digital lending ecosystem.

Our digitally enabled services provide support for SME Lending and Corporate Banking functions such as loans, payments and trade finance. Our solutions are designed to transform originations, servicing and collections while helping meet regulatory requirements.

We provide end-to-end lifecycle processing of cards and payments. Our digital transformation solutions facilitate innovation and reduce human effort for customer engagement. Our teams help you transform originations, servicing, dispute management, fraud and collections.

Our digitally enabled services deliver efficient retail banking operations and processes. Our teams help you build technology and operating models for the future.

We provide digital services to ensure compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements such as KYC and AML.

We help FinTechs scale operations and allow them to focus on customer acquisition and growth. Sutherland's rich experience in customer engagement helps FinTechs deal with user experience issues and drive customer retention. We help digitize the customer journey for an enhanced experience and speed to value for FinTechs.

We utilize extensive expertise, process excellence, and AI-driven analytics to manage KYC and AML functions comprehensively, enhancing customer experience, reducing costs, and driving business growth through robust risk management.

With our strategic partnerships with FinScan to provide e2e BPaaS KYC & AML compliance solution we provide a four-point solution strategy for end to end compliance:

  • An AI powered approach to ensure data driven intelligence.
  • Dynamic learning for real time adaptation
  • Understanding relationships across the portfolio
  • Understanding risk in real time

Embrace our comprehensive solution for full compliance, optimized operations, and enhanced customer satisfaction, driving business growth through better data quality, automated matching, smarter customer profiling, accurate risk scoring and improved insights and analytics.

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