Nail AML Compliance And Grow Revenues By Guaranteeing Customer Satisfaction

Discover a new way to deliver AML/KYC, with revolutionized processes that are customer-centric, efficient, and lean.

Turn Your AML Challenges Into Business Value

AML operations today are overly complex. Fragmented systems and processes, duplicated data collection efforts, and piecemeal upgrades have created a difficult model to maintain. And that’s unacceptable for today’s customers.

It’s time to rethink your approach to AML.

Sutherland AML puts the customer at the center of business value. By leveraging the power of intelligent automation, Sutherland AML helps you integrate your disparate systems to:

  • Transform the customer experience
  • Bring AML risk into decision-making processes
  • Create new revenue-generating opportunities

Nail AML Compliance And Grow Revenues By Guaranteeing Customer Satisfaction

Up to 99.5%

accuracy for optimized data collection and quality

Up to 10x

decrease in false positives


customer risk profiles available

What we do

Supercharge internal and external data collection from various sources for better compliance.
Clean and match data for improved risk identification and up to a 10-fold decrease in false positives.
Understand customer activity through a real-time dashboard with advanced drill-down analytics.
Unlock a 360-degree view of each customer and their business relationships using AI to analyze data at scale.
Make end-to-end business operations safer and more efficient with tighter controls backed by dynamic customer risk ratings.
Available as an end-to-end compliance system or a layered solution that can complement existing infrastructure.

Value Delivered

Superior customer experience

Don’t give customers the impression that you don’t know them or care about their experience. Sutherland AML eliminates the need for repeated information requests.

New revenue

Customer data is critical to both compliance and growth. By ensuring data quality through automation and smart data flows, Sutherland AML accelerates onboarding, improving time to revenue.

Measurable risk reduction

Combining real-time AML with advanced monitoring capabilities, we deliver a holistic view of each customer and the network of stakeholders around them, helping you identify hidden risks.

Customer-first operations

Beat compliance costs while preventing AML programs from impacting CX. We help you manage risk more effectively with less manual intervention, reducing overall cost without added friction.

Transform AML Challenges Into Business Value With Sutherland AML

Why Sutherland

Digital Expertise

We deliver transformational solutions for dozens of banking clients – from shared services to digital engineering.

Customer First

We put the customer at the center of business value, providing a range of CX-related growth opportunities.

Accelerated Automation

Drive new operational efficiencies by optimizing data acquisition and management.


Manual, labor-intensive processes become new smart data flows that drive efficiencies and unlock value.