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Enterprise automation at scale requires multiple assets to optimize the human and machine workforce.

The Hyperautomation Challenge

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Businesses have always been under pressure to find new ways of modernizing processes, enhancing customer experience, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs. But things are changing, instead of simply deploying more people to address these challenges, businesses are now realizing the importance of a robust automation strategy.

Sutherland’s solution has brought a market disruptive competitive advantage.”

Hyperautomation is when multiple automation tools are working in unison together. It's enabling businesses to manage complex processes, large volumes, and disparate IT systems with minimal manual intervention. But with more assets, skills and partners required to deploy effective automated workflows, it can extend timelines, drive up costs and erode value.

Scaling Beyond RPA

Robility is Sutherland’s innovative enterprise automation platform. 

We've meticulously designed it to deliver operational transformation and maximize outcomes for businesses while controlling costs and leveraging existing skill sets. Robility natively includes everything required for Hyperautomation, and with the same low code design framework as traditional RPA software, it's a fraction of the licensing cost and doesn't require new skill sets.

Robility’s Hyperautomation features include

AI-Enabled Data Extraction

A non-templatized OCR & ICR AI-driven document extraction tool to digitize and structure data.

Business and Technical Requirements Gathering

Integrated modules to capture business and technical requirements while auto-generating the required documentation.

Command Center Functionality

Real-time dashboard-driven monitoring and alerts for your virtual workforce.

Business Process Management

A built-in low code workflow tool to optimize the hand-offs between your human and virtual workers.

High-Density RPA Bots

Our unique RPA bot design allows for multiple bots to run on a single virtual machine reducing cost and optimizing utilization.

AI and Machine Learning Capability

Create reusable models and custom trainings for your processes to continuously develop your virtual workforce.

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