Verego Awards Sutherland with Corporate Social Responsibility Certification in Multiple Locations Around the World

ROCHESTER, NY – January 23, 2018 – Sutherland, a leading global process transformation company, has received the prestigious Verego Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certification in multiple locations around the world.

Verego began a social responsibility standard (SRS) assessment at Sutherland offices globally in 2014, and has now bestowed its CSR certification at all of those sites in four social responsibility standard (SRS) areas: leadership, ethics, people and environment.

“Sutherland has continued to show increasing growth and implementation of its policies and programs. Particularly for this fourth year of certification, there was a noted improvement in the transparency of ethical and environmental approaches,” Verego Senior Certification Assessor Carole Kerrey said.

Senior Vice President, Dan Lang, echoed Kerrey's sentiment: "Our latest Verego certification results reaffirm Sutherland's commitment to make a positive impact in every community that we are in. It's all about profit with a purpose.”

To verify that its suppliers operate using best practices in corporate social responsibility, Microsoft implemented its responsible sourcing program certification through Verego in 2012. The Microsoft Corporation works systematically and continuously through certifications like Verego that improve the sustainability of its partners and suppliers.

The Verego CSR designation is an important distinction that demonstrates to partners and the industry at large that Sutherland conducts business in a highly ethical and humane way, and that it has already been vetted and recognized as a socially responsible global organization. The certification cultivates confidence and trust from other global companies.

Verego developed its SRS standard in accord with other prominent world standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative and the UN Global Compact. Learn more about Sutherland's certification and the Verego SRS standard here


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