Intelligent Automation-Driven and Future-Ready Passenger Revenue Accounting System

The industry's most modern revenue accounting platform transforms your finance function into a more lean and agile unit

The Challenge

Reimagine Revenue Accounting

Expectations from revenue accounting today, go beyond mere protection of revenues and improvement in cash-flows to delivering insights into business and stimulating strategic decision-making. With the advent of NDC and ONE Order, revenue accounting platforms are expected to rearchitect themselves for a tighter integration with the upstream ordering and downstream settlement & fulfillment processes.

Sutherland altra® PRA leverages modern architecture and intelligent automation to provide a future-proof solution for passenger revenue-accounting. Sutherland altra® is certified by IATA as a ONE Order Capable accounting system which means it can easily facilitate transaction processing and accounting of such transactions.

The Sutherland Difference


~100% revenue reported within 24 hours


>50% reduction in manual intervention through intelligent RPA based automation


Flexible accounting coupon level details and enables station level trial balance view


>50% compression in sales reporting cycle

With flexible, modern design and an advanced business engine, Sutherland altra® ensures real-time view into revenues, seamless coupon level accounting, smooth interline billing, and faster sales reporting.  

The sales reporting cycle sees >50% compression as compared to other platforms helping airlines manage receivables better. Real-time view into revenues, with ~100% reported within 24 hours, helps guide strategic and tactical decision-making on capacity and pricing on routes and sectors.

Sutherland altra® PRA enables airlines to have granular view into (“own” vs “partner”) revenues and optimize interline arrangements with partner airlines. Analytical dashboards and fraud algorithms provide early warning signals and alerts into suspicious transactions or likely agency defaults.

Sutherland altra® Features

An integrated robotics and AI/ML engine provides automated processing with more than 50% reduction in exceptions.

Sutherland altra®PRA  is agnostic to the method of ticketing followed by the Airline; be it tickets, PNRs or Orders – it can flexibly account for all types of transactions. This is especially relevant to low-cost carriers with interline arrangements that have both PNR and ticket-based bookings or to scheduled carriers as they transition from a ticket / PNR-based system to an Order based booking system.

Sutherland altra® Interline module interacts seamlessly with Sutherland altra® proration engine and supports, evaluation, accounting and billing for industry transactions as well as bilateral billing. This module can be plugged in with any Passenger Revenue Accounting platform through API integration or can be leveraged for interline processing or interline billing audit.

Sutherland altra® TAX module is a revolutionary solution for computing ticket-based taxes and helps Airlines arrive at their tax liabilities after applying prescribed rules by authorities across the globe. It simplifies the task for airlines by combining one of the most comprehensively designed tax engines with a team that lends domain expertise to resolve complex issues.

Sutherland altra® AR module helps to seamlessly account and reconcile receivables while improving your sales reporting cycle. The solution takes you on a path for real-time monitoring of Airline receivables while reducing risks arising from defaults. Sutherland altra® AR systematically tracks receivables, considers the intricacies of channel and forms of payment (FOP) and delivers a substantially improved cashflow

Sutherland altra® Analytics module with its suite of pre-configured, daily use reports as well custom-built features provides insights into revenues and a drill down into the revenue-drivers. It uses a proprietary algorithm to mine the transactions database and provides early-warning signals into fraud, revenue-misses, and likely agency-defaults.

Things Are Taking Off

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The industry is currently in the throes of change as it adapts to the demands of digitally enabled consumers seeking hyper-personalized services. This is all happening while companies transition to asset-light and efficient business models to protect margins and remain relevant. Automation, cloud, mobile technology, cognitive analytics and AI now present complex and extensive points of leverage to transform businesses.

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