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Customer Interactions Services

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Smarter processes are needed to fix customer pain points before they become problems. We deliver processes that provide exceptional customer experiences.

Hiring Sutherland was the best decision we ever made.”

Cutting-edge Customer Service. Anytime, Anywhere

Organizations must be able to connect and engage with customers anytime and anywhere, and leverage data to show a unique understanding of their needs. This level of availability and personalization is no longer cutting-edge customer service – it is a core customer expectation.

At Sutherland, we deliver on these customer expectations through agile, customized customer experience programs that serve multiple languages and verticals. Our goal is to solve pain points before they become problems through intelligent automation and data-informed decision-making. This approach enables proactive customer care and allows our clients to focus on their core competencies while we take care of everything else.

Agile Design, Intelligent Automation, Effective Processes

We design smart customer journeys that eliminate pain points and transform customer engagement. To achieve this, we partner with businesses to understand the customer experience from end-to-end.

This understanding of the customer lifecycle enables our clients to provide proactive, personalized support and offerings via branded channels, social networks, apps, and third-party communities frequented by their customers. For more direct remediation, we design self-service customer satisfaction options powered by conversational AI technology to quickly alleviate customer issues, while at the same time using smart workflows to route high-risk interactions to customer service (CS) agents. These agents are empowered by real-time feedback and guidance, resulting in higher productivity, greater accuracy, and happier customers.

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Our Customer Interactions Services Methodology

Understand the customer experience from end-to-end to identify customer pain points.
Leverage advanced analytics and AI technology to enable personalization at scale.
Utilize branded channels, social networks, and third-party communities for proactive customer care.
Provide real-time insights and guidance to CS agents to improve customer service.

The Outcomes

Issues are efficiently and effectively remediated.
Customer pain points eliminated.
More efficient use of resources.

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