Provide Real-Time Health Insights to Improve Business Outcomes

Manage large volumes of healthcare data with advanced analytics capabilities, and deliver actionable insights with Sutherland SmartHealthAnalytics.

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Address the ever-growing need for digital reporting and analytics in healthcare with SmartHealthAnalytics. A digital reporting solution powered by the SmartHealthConnect big data hub, SmartHealthAnalytics provides Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analytical insights across Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Provider Data Management (PDM), Clinical informatics, and beyond.

Our solution provides ready-to-use digital reports and analytical insights via interactive dashboards, a mobile app, real-time alerts, and self-service BI, with zero dependency on IT teams.

Value Delivered

All-In-One Reporting

Sutherland SmartHealthAnalytics handles over 8 million transactions per month, providing RCM, PDM BI/analytics dashboards and alerts for 20+ healthcare customers.

Customized Dashboards

Gain a holistic view of your organization or drill-down to specific data points online.

Access From Anywhere

Use the Intellie mobile app to access analytics insights on the move through KPI dashboards with prospective alerts and push notifications.

Enterprise Data Management, BI, Analytics Under One Roof

Ensure better data-driven decision-making, powered by predictive and prescriptive analytics for clinical and financial datasets.

Self Service BI/Reporting

Allow end-users to create ad-hoc reports and dashboards on their own with zero dependency on IT teams.

AI and Machine Learning Capability

Create reusable models and custom trainings for your processes to continuously develop your virtual workforce.

Why Sutherland?

Ready to Use AI/ML Analytics Algorithms

For propensity to pay, readmission prediction and more

25%+ Productivity Improvements

In healthcare operations

Self-Service BI

For business users to create adhoc reports with zero dependency on IT Team

30% + Improved Collections and Denial Conversions

Through embedded analytics insights

Analytics Driven

Work allocation & distribution for RCM, PDM Services


Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips

End-users can use pre-built templates or create customized reports and dashboards to fulfill their needs.

Revenue Cycle Management Dashboards

30+ ready-to-use dashboards, including KPI, charges/placement analytics, collections curve, denial conversion, revenue goal progression, and more.

Clinical and Claims-Related Dashboards

30+ ready-to-use dashboards to help you track patients with chronic conditions, utilization management for IP, OP, ER visits, analytics dashboards for all-case readmission, avoidable ER visits, super utilizers, and more.

PDM Dashboards

50+ ready-to-use dashboards for inventory management, productivity tracking, KPI, automation events, state/region specific cred events with real-time status.

HealthConnect Data Hub

360° view of the patient across episodes and encounters supported by data ingestion in HL7, X12, CCLF, delimited formats with customer agnostic clinical and financial data warehouse for integrated data management.

Intellie Mobile App

Summary level KPI dashboards to end-users with prospective alerts.

Case Study

Transformational Patient-Centered Experience

Our Results


Created a “high dollar” team to specifically target for the Department of Surgery.

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Case Study

Improved Reporting of Bad Debt Write-Offs and Efficiency of Collection Efforts

Our Results


Bad debt write-offs have reduced from 4.4% to 2.75%

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