Automate the Health Information Exchange Between Providers and Payers

Streamline your revenue cycle management process, improve accuracy, and enhance your collections by automating healthcare data exchange with E-Hub.

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, efficient exchange of information among providers, payers, and TPAs is paramount. Our E-Hub platform ensures HIPAA compliant, automated data exchanges with payers so physicians and clinics can focus on delivering high-quality care and avoid labor-intensive manual inquiries.

E-Hub has built-in EDI accelerators for seamless integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, Practice Management Systems (PMS), billing systems, and Accounts Receivable (AR) workflow systems. Its intuitive user interface enables real-time events monitoring, empowering you to automate activities such as:

  • Eligibility verifications and benefit inquiries
  • Claim status inquiries
  • Prior-authorization requests and follow-ups
  • Insurance discoveries

A Comprehensive Solution for Automated Health Information Exchange

The E-Hub platform automates events for 20+ healthcare customers with 1 million transactions per month.

Intelligent Automation

Automated real-time/batch eligibility and claim status inquiries from Medicare, Medicaid, and 300+ commercial payers through EDI/RPA channels.

Streamlined Pre-authorization Workflow

E-Hub facilitates pre-authorization workflow with automated data exchange to avoid no-shows and cancellations in healthcare facilities.

Insurance Discovery for Self-Pay Population

Our cognitive rule engine supports automated Insurance Discovery using sophisticated algorithms for guaranteed success rate with regulatory compliance.

Advanced Configuration Engine

Our cognitive rule engine acts as a rule-based conductor to ensure smooth data orchestration.

Effective Events Tracking

Dashboard tracks all the automation events across providers and payers for real-time, continuous monitoring.

Web portal

End-users can perform real-time eligibility and claim status inquiries from Medicare, State MedicAid and 300+ commercial payers.

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