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“Sutherland enables the Guardian Group to think in new ways, to learn quickly from new insights into our business and to act quickly and accurately so that we can take advantage of new opportunities.”
Ravi Tewari - CEO, Guardian Group

Welcome to the Experience Economy

Experience matters more than ever. Consumers are demanding relevant and personalized experiences across all touchpoints with the brand. But many organizations are failing to deliver them consistently. In a digitally connected economy, each experience has the power to elevate or harm the brand when the consumer simply leaves a review or a post on social media where exposure is amplified.

Using advancements in design thinking, and cloud and cognitive computing, we help brands deliver exceptional customer and employee experience, which results in improved brand advocacy and business outcomes.

The Answer? AI-Powered Analytics.

We partner with businesses to develop and deploy transformative AI analytics programs by offering consulting services to assess client data and digital platform readiness, Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) suite of solutions and data engineering/ML workflow optimization. 

Our solutions use cloud and cognitive computing techniques ranging from computer vision, conversational AI and ML to learn from every interaction and drive business outcomes. We embed our solutions into client workflows to deliver value day in and day out for each consumer interaction.

Our AI-Powered Analytics Approach enables organizations to unlock their market potential by enabling faster-contextualized decision making to improve business outcomes. Our CXA solutions cover; Experience Analytics, Contact Center Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, Marketing Analytics and Customer Analytics.

Reimagining The Experience

Enhance the Customer Experience

With a suite of leading AI-powered tools

Improve Business Outcomes

And generate new leads and opportunities

Achieve Sustainable Growth

And continue to elevate your customer experience

CXA Consumer

We create a data strategy to gain rich and actionable insights on your current customers, category shoppers and the overall market. Additionally, we enrich consumer profiles to create a 360-degree view of the customer. This not only helps us understand their value to a brand but also their needs and how we can uniquely engage with them. We achieve this by integrating both stated and observed data. Finally, we develop and connect strategic and tactical segmentation schema to enable personalized experience delivery.

CXA Journey

We analyze insights across the full consumer lifecycle - prospect, engaged, current customer, loyal, vocal champion and lapsed customer - to provide intelligent marketing, sales and service programs which maximize customer lifetime value.

CXA Content

We gain rich insights around content engagement and content attributes that resonate with consumers to create experiments that measure incremental impact.

CXA Interaction

We analyze every touchpoint across all channels including web, mobile, voice, chat, email and social to understand key needs, pain points, sentiments, topic areas, and business insights.


We capture and analyze Voice of Customer to understand stated sentiment, satisfaction and feedback. By combining VOC with interaction data, we can predict experience metrics and create actionable follow-ups to improve customer experience.

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Case Study Leading US provider of reloadable pre-paid cards.              

End-to-end Customer Lifecycle Management

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increase in customer satisfaction scores

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Case Study Top US auto insurance company.

Applied analytics to drive smart, actionable, and scalable solutions

Our Results


increase in quote volumes

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Analytics Expanded

Data Lakes: Develop smarter, context-sensitive analytics, which incorporates external, unstructured and environmental data. Our cloud data architects implement Big Data Lakes, Infrastructure and Roadmaps to steer your analytics program.

BI Insights and Reporting: Access actionable insights and analytics output. We work with you to define key metrics critical to business success, and visualize performance through customized scorecards and dashboards.

Leverage predictive and prescriptive algorithms for smarter business processes. We improve customer adoption and business impact by embedding customized applications into platforms that enable predictions to be continuously recalibrated.

Leverage tools such as Machine Learning, NLP and AI to continuously enhance automation and customer experience.