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Keep your remote workforce operating effectively while also passing key security compliance audits.

Secure Your People. Secure Your Data. Pass the Audit.

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Meet Sutherland Sentinel AI™. The most comprehensive remote worker security suite on the market.

Sutherland Sentinel AI™ helps CIOs pass security audits. It ensures business continuity with non-intrusive tools & covers employees working from virtually anywhere”

For many, working from home has become the new normal. However, as more organizations adopt a modern approach to working remotely, security threats increase. And for businesses involved in the transaction of highly confidential and sensitive data, security is business-critical. The need for a solution that ensures private information remains secure when employees work from home is more important than ever.

New Normal, New Solution

Designed for CIOs, Sutherland Sentinel AI™ is a suite of cost-effective remote workforce tools, that are bandwidth-friendly and easy for infosec professionals to deploy on a global scale.

Sutherland Sentinel AI™ is a holistic solution that helps quickly augment your work environment to improve remote workforce security. It keeps important data secure and enables employees to continue working productively while still adhering to company and client security policies without sacrificing privacy.

Your Operations, Secured

Sutherland Sentinel AI™ is an advanced solution comprised of multiple layers of AI-driven security which can be consumed in a single non-invasive application without disrupting your underlying technology infrastructure.

Compatible with enterprise-grade platforms, deploy Sutherland Sentinel AI™ within our network or yours. Sutherland Sentinel AI™ requires no changes be made to your existing application environment and was built in accordance with our best practice and robust testing standards to ensure remote employee security.

As your remote workforce scales with Sutherland Sentinel AI™, they can keep doing what they do best, and you can feel confident knowing that your business is fully audit-compliant.

Sutherland Sentinel AI™’s Suite of Solutions

Sutherland Sentinel AI™ Vision - Secure the Person

AI-driven real-time webcam image analysis that instantly detects anomalies such as unauthorized people and devices. Perform advanced facial and object recognition, so any obscure objects or people will be detected and flagged.

Sutherland Sentinel AI™ Shield - Secure the Data

Data/PII security that masks data in real-time on any screen based on your security and privacy needs. Sentinel Shield is a proprietary Data Masking layer which expands on the capabilities of Sentinel Vision by masking sensitive customer information in real-time, without having to modify or rewrite any of your existing applications.

Sutherland Sentinel AI™ Audit - Track the Environment

Sentinel Audit monitors apps, effort and environment. It tracks usage and monitors productivity, records the screen and provides a full audit trail of all activities, detecting any possible risks or anomalies. Sentinel Audit will allow or deny applications, track application usage, and with screen recording; show you exactly what's on-screen when an event occurs.

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