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Leveraging the power of data to build citizen-centric cities of tomorrow.

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Empowering Smart City Innovations

Citizens today expect cities to provide digital-first services, sustainable living conditions, resilient infrastructure, smart mobility, safe communities, rapid emergency response, efficient utility management, and effective waste disposal. Technology can help city managers to achieve these goals.

Real-time integration of IT, OT, and IoT data from city infrastructure enables immediate processing and analysis, generating valuable insights. Digital twin technology, powered by AI/ML algorithms, simulates scenarios and tests solutions before real-world implementation, ensuring effective planning.

Sutherland's Smart City Solution is designed to empower city officials, as well as operators of hospitals, retail spaces, stadiums, arenas, real estate, and campuses, enhance citizen experience and drive business outcomes.

  • Citizen-Centric, All the Way. Our solutions and services have always been designed with a human-first approach.
  • Move from Reactive to Predictive. Drive business outcomes with AI/ML and intelligent automation-enabled data systems.
  • A Single Data Layer. Connect diverse data sources to unlock a 360-degree view from your whole city to a single asset.

Smart City

Sutherland Smart City Solution Suite

Smart city

  • Single provider for consulting, design, implementation, and management of city operations.
  • Multi-tenanted, cloud hosted platform that integrates all data generated from the city’s entire portfolio of people, assets, and spaces into one single layer.
  • Analytics-driven, predictive & prescriptive decision support tools got city leadership.

Features of Sutherland Smart City

360-degree, Real-Time View

Measure and manage all your services within one dashboard.

Predictive Maintenance and Operations

Driving safer and more efficient outcomes.

Integrated IoT Enabled Services.

Designed to support your entire city network of assets.

Process Orchestration.

Autonomous, prescriptive, and self-learning systems to drive operational efficiency.

Why Sutherland?

Outcome Driven Approach

Flexible and Technology Agnostic Solution

Deep Domain, Data and Human Centric Design Expertise

Design Thinking led Collaborative Approach for Solution Development

Skin in the Game and Continuous Engagement with Clients with our Managed Services Model


Improved livability index with better air and water quality, mobility, smart waste management and citizen services.

Efficient emergency response, higher levels of safety and security.

Enhanced sustainability with centralized resource control, operations management and higher infrastructure uptime.