Life Insurance Transform Operations By Leading With Experience

Gain a competitive advantage by partnering with a service provider who understands the importance of personalization and business model effectiveness

Whether it’s doubling down on digital transformation, introducing new products and services, or seeking out new markets and customer niches, retail and group life insurers & carriers must be proactive – taking control of their own growth.

Successful innovation hinges on understanding evolving customer needs. Insurance leaders are rethinking their organizations, embracing agility and new tools to realize consumer-focused results.

Insurance Industry outlook: Thrive in Uncertainty - Strategic Opportunities & Challenges Ahead


revenue contribution from non-traditional annuities and supplementary product sales.


uplift in digitally-enabled sales since the pandemic


consumers that prefer off-the-shelf products or those with minimal underwriting


customers who prioritize digital transactions

Sutherland’s life insurance solutions are disruptive by design. We help you:

  • Embrace fully integrated, digital operations, and optimize processes across your business.

  • Implement digital solutions that deliver tangible business value, speed to market, faster resolution time, and smoothing cost curves with front-loaded savings.

  • Deliver the experience customers want – elevating CSAT.

Segments we Serve

Life & Annuities

Sutherland offers life insurance solutions with proven assets and accelerators at scale, bringing together the “best of breed” solutions in a highly integrated approach.

Group Benefits

As group insurers broaden their market focus through partnership expansion and InsurTech investments, Sutherland is uniquely positioned to help carriers drive growth, reduce costs, and improve CX.

Our Services

With a modern technology platform, ahead of the curve product innovation and transformative contracting, we provide end to end TPA services for our clients in Life, Annuities and Group Benefits segments

With our end-to-end direct-to-consumer (D2C) model, our team of licensed agents and intelligent solutions handle both inbound and outbound leads, prequalification and quote to bind process, to drive superior growth for our clients..

We provide end to end agency management support, to onboard and manage agent lifecycle, validate licenses, handle escalations and grievances, and help with distributor correspondence.

We provide clients with fast, accurate, and efficient new business support services. Our "Intake as a Service" offering for new business submissionsoffers AI-based data extraction.

Sutherland is an end-to-end operations partner for carriers and agencies, making it possible for them to focus on product, strategy and better managing relationships.

Sutherland claims management solution is a comprehensive solution suite designed to deliver faster and accurate claims settlement/money-out services for Life & Annuity and Group Benefits carriers

Why Sutherland


under policies administration


improvement in sales conversion


digital containment


improvement in return to work


improvement in claims resolution time


transactions across the value chain.

Embedded Digital Solutions

CX Core

Sutherland Connect

Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform.

Sutherland CX360

AI-based Customer Interaction Analytics Platform

Sutherland Conversational AI

Conversational AI solution, with integrated voice and text automation

Sutherland HelpTree & Cognitive Knowledge Engine (CKE)

Cognitive knowledge base, with Next Best Action [NBA]

Sutherland Engage

AI augmented Analytics and Integrated Transactional Desktop Solution

Sutherland Agent Assist

AI-driven agent support and knowledge suggestion solution

Digital Core

Sutherland Extract

Digitization@Source, with advanced NLP, ML and OCR Capabilities

Sutherland Robility™

Innovative hyper automation platform, with intelligent workflow, custom rule management, intelligent automation & ML models

Sutherland Unification Layer

Orchestration platform for unification of discrete legacy systems

Sutherland Translate AI™

NLP-based embedded translation platform for digital channels.

Sutherland SmartLeap™

Proprietary solution for IT service management, with remote diagnosis and solution recommendation for cyber risk protection.

Sutherland Sentinel™ and Anywhere®

A platform solution for remote workforce integration

Data Core

Sutherland CATS

Proprietary risk modeling platform for catastrophe modeling

Data Enrichment AI

AI solution for data enrichment through internal and external sources for comprehensive risk assessment

Submission Scoring AI

AI powered tool to assist underwriters in evaluating and scoring submissions with greater accuracy and efficiency

Collect AI

Proprietary Collections Analytics platform, with AI & Machine learning capabilities to predict delinquency and improve collections

Growth Analytics

D2C and Partner Policies Analytics model, with key insights to increase customer lifetime value

One/low Touch Claims

Proprietary solution to automate and streamline the claims management

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