Powering Success in Gaming by Unleashing Exceptional Experiences

Stand out from the crowd and drive engagement and loyalty by leveling up the customer experience.

Capitalize on the Game

In an era marked by burgeoning smartphone, PC, and gaming console usage, the gaming and apps industry has witnessed remarkable growth – hitting revenue of $227B in 2023 and expected to grow to $312B by 2027.

To thrive amidst intensified competition, companies must prioritize exceptional customer experiences and safe experiences for gamers of all ages infused with personalized analytics-driven insights to secure a competitive edge.

Digital Transformation Services

Our Concept and Playtesting services focus on surfacing gamer needs. Ensuring that games are both fun and engaging, and also deliver on retention, revenue and investment metrics.

Take control of your content. From social media platforms to community support, online gaming, and reviews management, we tailor our services to meet your individual business needs.

Deliver best-in-class customer experiences. Partnering with us gives you direct access to our deep industry expertise, innovative digital technology solutions, and flexible engagement models. By simplifying processes, we help you stay agile, so you can serve your customers better and faster.

Our Offerings

  • Digital Experience and Automation
  • Application and Business Modernization
  • Data Engineering
  • Infrastructure and Cloud Transformation

Design and implement smart omnichannel journeys covering the entire customer experience lifecycle – from customer acquisition to sales, service, retention, and gamer support. By leveraging AI and intelligent automation, we streamline contact center operations to eliminate pain points and create lasting connections.

Products and Platforms

Sutherland CloudTestr™

Enable AI-driven digital transformation, end-to-end test automation, and faster ROI.

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Sutherland Robility™

Free up your most skilled humans to do the most human work – high-risk, high impact, and strategic work that disrupts markets and competition.

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Sutherland Conversational AI

Enterprise-grade chatbot software applications that help automate customer self-service interactions.

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Activision Boosts Testing ROI by 50% with CloudTestr

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Reduction in validation time

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Case Study

Reduced call volume using digital assistants

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Client is fully engaged in delivering on its core business

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