We have operations located across Europe providing a diverse range of services to a broad range of customers.


Working across industries, our European teams have amassed a vast amount of experience and expertise by designing and delivering smart processes that drive measurable outcomes.

Success stories in this region include creating magical moments for Spotify’s European users, enabling millions of Webex users to eliminate communication barriers through online collaboration and helping Veritas’ enterprise clients to ensure that millions of terabytes of information is securely stored and easily accessible.

Our European clients include Spotify, Webex, Veritas, Hilton Hotels and SAS 


By bringing together specialists in analytics, digital technology, automation and design thinking, we assemble specialist solution teams for each and every partner we work with.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Customer Experience Management

Business Process Transformation


“We work with you to drive measurable business outcomes”

Key Contacts

Nic Gordon

SVP, Digital Transformation – Europe

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