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Our teams bring local expertise to a broad range of vertical markets.


From the very beginning, our North American practice has been at the core of Sutherland's global business strategy. From our global headquarters in Rochester, N.Y., we have helped clients across all sectors achieve their transformative potential, creating engaging experiences for employees and customers.

Our consultative offering and human-centric approach helps us get right to the heart of client challenges. With deep skills in AI-powered products and platforms, we're the experts in human-machine collaboration and problem solving.


We combine deep domain understanding, customer insight and technical expertise to dramatically improve customer outcomes.

Knowledge Services

Customer Engagement Transformation

Remote Readiness

Business Process Transformation

Digital Services


Enterprise Tech Support

“Our experts are well-placed to understand your challenges and align your IT infrastructure with your business objectives.”
John Abou - Regional Head

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John Abou

Regional Head

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