Rethink and Redesign Complex Business Processes

Set a new standard for business outcomes through focused automation, predictive analytics and increased agility, and achieve end-to-end transformation.

Business Process Transformation

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Organizations must undertake successful digital transformation to survive. But, too often, they fail to move beyond strategy into real world efficiency, process improvement, and measurable results.

The partnership with Sutherland has enabled us to become more profitable, with more cash collected and write-offs reduced and, most importantly, improved the customer experience.”

The Sutherland Business Process-as-a-Service operating model delivers measurable results as your end-to-end transformation services partner. Our agile approach balances speed and stability while maximizing business benefits through the intelligent automation technology of core processes and legacy systems. By emphasizing a human-centered design and client-centric operating model, we ensure the creation of an agile, digitally-integrated organization, empowering businesses with a competitive advantage in today’s environment.

Design Thinking to Drive Measurable Results

We enable organizations to complete end-to-end process transformations that deliver measurable results using a client-centric approach and a Sutherland-owned, modular automation platform.

We partner with organizations to build a business process transformation roadmap beginning with a comprehensive assessment of the current competitive landscape. Employing human-centered design thinking, we then centralize and standardize processes to enable optimization and automation. This approach first targets high-volume, repeatable processes before analyzing exceptions and monitoring the workforce for procedure compliance. With Sutherland, organizations receive the end-to-end visibility and efficiency they need to achieve better business outcomes.

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Our Business Process Transformation Methodology

Analyze the current landscape to determine the future state opportunities.
Consolidate and standardize processes to enable intelligent automation.
Target high-volume, rules-based processes first before efficiently analyzing exceptions.
Ensure new procedures are followed and optimize based on customer feedback.
Receive analytics-driven insights for end-to-end visibility.

The Outcomes

Drive higher margins with cost savings and better business outcomes.
Focus on strategic initiatives instead of rule-oriented tasks.
Achieve better business outcomes.

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