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Unleashing the Power of extract.ai: From Document Ingestion to Data Intelligence

AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing platform. Minimal human intervention. Increased accuracy & operational efficiency

FEBRUARY 13, 2024

extract.ai isn't just about extracting data; it's about extracting intelligence.

Our platform transcends traditional OCR/ICR solutions, evolving into a robust Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution designed to empower businesses with advanced document management and data extraction capabilities.

Holistic Document Lifecycle Management:

extract.ai seamlessly orchestrates documents through their entire lifecycle. From the initial stages of auto-ingestion and pre-processing to the crucial phases of classification, extraction, and post-processing, extract.ai ensures a comprehensive approach to handling diverse document types.

Adaptive Intelligence:

Featuring a versatile rule engine, Human in the Loop (HITL) integration, and support for multi-AI/ML models, extract.ai stands out for its adaptability and precision. It doesn't just follow predefined rules; it learns, adjusts, and validates data intelligently, ensuring accuracy and flexibility in processing.

Efficient Data Handling:

extract.ai facilitates smooth data egress, ensuring that the extracted information seamlessly moves into downstream processes. This efficiency is critical for businesses looking to derive value from the extracted data.

Empowering Insights:

extract.ai empowers businesses by customizable reporting functionalities and providing insightful analytics. The extracted intelligence isn't just stored; it's transformed into meaningful information that businesses can leverage for strategic decision-making.

Data Security Measures:

Ensuring the highest standards of data security, extract.ai employs TLS 1.2 for data in motion, providing a secure channel for transmitting data. For data at rest, AES 256 encryption is implemented, guaranteeing robust protection of sensitive information.

Bulletproof Application Security:

Every line of code undergoes Veracode analysis to ensure robust application security. This additional layer of scrutiny ensures that extract.ai meets stringent security standards, providing a bulletproof solution for safeguarding your data.

Flexible Deployment Options:

Deploy anywhere to suit your business needs – on-premises, in public cloud, private cloud, hybrid environments, or any custom setup. extract.ai is designed to adapt to your organization's infrastructure, providing the flexibility you need for seamless integration.

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Naushath Raja Mohammed

AVP – Product Engineering & AI Center of Excellence

Product Owner of Sutherland's Extract and Head of AI/ML Center of Excellence, representing Sutherland at NASSCOM —a visionary in AI innovation and leadership.


Arivazhagan Pichai Pillai

Associate Manager – Platform Solutions

A techno-functional manager with a blend of business acumen and technical expertise, adept at translating your vision into actionable solutions seamlessly delivered.


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