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Read how Sutherland helped a leading provider of prepaid debit cards reduce abandonment rate, increase average customer satisfaction rate and NPS.

Services Business Process Services
Industry Banking and Financial Services
JUNE 16, 2017

Our client is a trusted brand in providing primary transaction accounts to people turned away by banks. It grew significantly year-over-year by mergers and acquisitions of other prepaid debit card companies. Disruptions caused by acquisition and process alignment challenges caused this leader in the prepaid and payments market’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) ratings to reduce significantly. As a flexible, deeply engaged, and high-performing service provider, Sutherland immediately set out to lift scores back to positive and improve the customer experience.

Sutherland was engaged to transform the customer experience and raise NPS by expertly handling all new business and inbound customer service calls related to refund transfers, or anticipation loans made in advance of an IRS tax refund.

Our familiarity with the client’s business helped us pinpoint the disconnects between the old and new systems and procedures after the grew through acquisition. To regain momentum in answering calls within SLA standards, we deployed 100% recording technology along with screen-capture CRM tools to record all calls and customer interactions for review and analysis. This helps pinpoint gaps and make recommendations for transformations in process. We also access the client’s technology through a Citrix interface, reducing the risk of security or data breaches of confidential customer information, enabling us to operate in an environment that is PCI-Level 1 compliant. Our approach has ensured that quality standards, service levels, and abandon rates are consistently met throughout the year, as well as service levels and abandon rates.

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