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In a successful customer experience case study involving a large credit agency, we immediately achieved target SLAs and continue to outperform competitors.

Services Sutherland Labs, Digital Engineering Services, Business process services
Industry Banking and Financial Services
JUNE 21, 2017

Our client manages information for 400 million consumers worldwide, and was looking for a way to increase sales conversion rates while improving the customer experience. Not to mention, the client experienced difficulties adapting their processes to ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements, while also straining to manage attrition, handle volume spikes, maintain customer satisfaction, and achieve sales goals.

Sutherland rose to the challenge and transformed the credit agency’s customer experience by handling 67% of their incoming calls. Our team deployed technologies and processes to more seamlessly adopt new or evolving regulatory and compliance requirements, while managing the entire contact center operation with an eye for improving the customer experience.

To help the client effectively improve sales conversion rates, we collected baseline data to identify which skill sets drove the most sales. We also measured if sales originated from specific Vendor Directory Numbers as well. Based on additional monitoring of the sales process, we identified call types with the highest likelihood of generating a sale. While we wanted our top performing agents to handle those call types, we identified the best performers and had all appropriate calls routed to them directly.

To closely monitor the process ongoing, we conducted regular audits to ensure our agents were adhering to client guidelines, evaluated performance of all call types, staffed the call center by call type, and continuous analysis of program data to refine skill set optimization.

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