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Read our case study on how Sutherland improved customer experience for the largest bank in Mexico with integrated technology.

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Industry Banking and Financial Services
JANUARY 16, 2017

Our client needed to transform its customer experience, and improve transaction monitoring and Quality Assurance (QA) audits for sales and customer service. The client chose Sutherland based on our experience and ability to offer transformative technologies that enable and consolidate monitoring and audits, while significantly improving the customer experience.

Additionally, the bank lacked the ability to monitor recorded calls until one or two months Following the call. This made it difficult to timely identify areas in the customer experience that needed to be improved, it delayed coaching and training opportunities, and prohibited the client from being able to quickly adjust procedures to maintain customer satisfaction. Additionally, the bank lacked an efficient way to consolidate, analyze, and report polling inFormation From Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and provide online drilldown analysis.

Sutherland was chosen to transform the bank’s customer service by providing superior contact center support, implement our proprietary Service Quality Management System (SQMS), improve NPS, and host a data warehouse and call library on our servers.

Our team quickly and seamlessly handled contact center support on behalf of the bank. Once the contact center was fully transitioned, we implemented our SQMS to reduce early insurance policy cancellations, improve the customer experience throughout the bank’s sales process, and raise the bank’s NPS based on customer surveys conducted by our agents.

Much emphasis was placed on integrating quality assurance (QA) efforts for monitoring and reporting of key business practices. We also improved transparency regarding the bank’s NPS by implementing an online tool that provides visibility to analysis of survey results. Additionally, Sutherland also hosts a data warehouse and call library to enable the client to easily access their contact center files, while removing security risks by hosting the information externally.

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