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View our case study on how Sutherland delivered a fully comprehensive virtual finance and accounting training program for a client in just 8 weeks.

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FEBRUARY 02, 2021

Streamlining F&A Processes in the Midst of a Pandemic

In December 2019, our client made an acquisition with a transition deadline for all finance and accounting services set for June 30th, 2020.

We needed to provide the people and technology necessary to streamline processes, strengthen the human and machine relationship and make our client’s people ready to take on the barriers 2020 had thrown up, whether that being remote working or financial impact.

Our proposition was to rapidly create and deploy a decentralized, end-to-end financing and accounting training platform. A means of best practice that would help teams in Chennai, India future-proof their operation. Achieving this meant establishing a center of excellence; creating a unique model that could rapidly deploy digital finance tools and processes to every portfolio company within our client’s organization. By onboarding people with a single Master Services Agreement (a tool kit) and then executing a schedule of work per portfolio company, it would need to work in our new normal and be completely virtual.

A New Working Model For
F&A Training

We delivered a fully comprehensive virtual finance and accounting training program in just eight weeks, where a project like this would normally take up to 12 months. The working model we have created has become best practice across the organization. As well as delivering effective F&A processes completely virtually, we did this in India; a country known for not traditionally adopting work-from-home processes, even before the pandemic. And by delivering a virtual solution, we have removed the need for in-person introductions and site visits.

Our instructor-led training sessions delivered over 130 hours of virtual training on areas such as information security and data protection. We created step-by-step reference guides for trainees and ran 90 hours-worth of training simulations. In these sessions, Trainees could screen-share with a group to work on and discuss activities that were assigned to them.

With everything we delivered, we were able to establish a Master Services Agreement that is now easily deployable across all of our client’s other portfolio companies.

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