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View our case study on how Sutherland modernized collections processes for a leader in managing non-prime consumer credit.

Services Business process services
Industry Banking and Financial Services
JANUARY 03, 2017

Our client struggled to maintain competitive for their private-label credit cards and their own bankcard with their past provider. To remain competitive in servicing both lines of business, the company needed to lower costs, ensure all service metrics were consistently met on a monthly basis, and greatly improve the overall customer experience. Additionally, our client lacked seamless integration between their back-office processing capabilities, inbound customer service, and collections. By lowering their costs, they hoped that their model would become more desirable to other originators and investors.

Our client chose Sutherland as their partner to transform their customer experience and expertly handle inbound customer service, back-office processing, and collections functions. During the transition, Sutherland and the client formed a strong relationship, while significantly improving the customer experience. Since implementation, services have continued without disruption, while Sutherland deployed a Customer Relationship Management System and dialer tool to improve overall efficiency. Sutherland assumed management of all outbound customer service volume for retail products, as well as the company’s collections and customer service calls for all customer issues.

As part of our commitment to communication and continuous improvement, we regularly meet with this client to share observations regarding opportunities for transforming processes.

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