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See how a major mortgage lender is processing 2,000 transactions monthly while cutting 160 personnel hours off its rate lock process leveraging Sutherland automation technology.

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JANUARY 26, 2022

Driving Reliability and Customer Satisfaction

OneTrust International LLC is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is one of the fastest-growing private companies in Puerto Rico that provides export services to U.S. clients. As a managed operations company, OneTrust International provides outsourced staffing services for mortgage operations, accounting, legal, human resources and IT departments for our partner companies. It has created a multitude of job opportunities for the local job market.

Understanding the importance of rate locks – guaranteeing lenders a fixed mortgage rate as part of a time-consuming application process – optimizing the task by reducing costs and eliminating human error was essential for the lender.

Automating for Efficiency, Better Business Results

Leveraging its operations expertise and technology-based resources, Sutherland applied its diagnostic capabilities with robotic process automation (RPA) platforms to automate its rate lock transactions – to complete the end-to-end process without any manual intervention.

Sutherland’s suite of automation tools and diagnostics orchestrates the human-in-the-loop part of the journey by reading customer details and preferences from the RPA platform, which the bots then use to identify best rates for the borrower and create a rate lock agreement.

Eliminating human intervention, OneTrust is now processes about 2,000 transactions monthly at less cost while freeing up 160 manual hours.

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