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Sutherland helps leading lending platform increase efficiency with Sutherland Robility™ bots.

Services Sutherland Robility™
Industry Banking & Financial Services
JULY 18, 2022

Reducing Manual, Repetitive Processes

Mosaic is a leading financing platform for U.S. residential solar and energy-efficient home improvement projects.

Mosaic sales administrators were required to respond to different types of requests, like onboarding and add-on needs in the Salesforce platform. These service request queues had to be constantly monitored by the sales administrators. Additionally, servicing each inbound request entailed repetitive tasks like data entry in the installer fields and adding products. The sales agents needed to verify account details and set up a customized portal for each partner, which took about 20 minutes per request.

Automation Saves Time, Increases Efficiency

Sutherland leveraged our proprietary Robility™ RPA solution platform to create bots to deploy within Amazon WorkSpaces. The bots run 13 hours a day during regular operating hours — automating new partner onboarding, handling queued requests and monitoring the queue for new inbound service requests every five minutes. 

The bot downloads and uses a customized Salesforce report to process these transactions, and Robility Manager logs all bot actions and generates transaction reports. At the end of each transaction, the bot enters comments in Salesforce Chatter and then closes the opportunity or passes it off to a sales administrator if additional work is needed. 

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