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How a leading provider of telecommunication solutions scaled IT support for a diverse customer base, leveraging technology to reduce operational expenses and provide personal and effective customer support.

Services SmartLeap™ HelpTree, SmartLeap™ SmartSolve
Industry CME
MAY 06, 2024

The Challenge

Catering to the Dual Needs of Business While Reducing Operational Expenses

Serving enterprises from small to large, across an eclectic range of industries, this Fortune 500 company is a leading provider of telecommunications, network, and cloud solutions, with a focus on reliability and security.

They are known for their comprehensive, innovative, and flexible telecommunications solutions – but consider customer service as their true differentiator, priding themselves on white glove service.

They were looking to level up their support to business clients. Already offering 24/7 support and localized expert knowledge, their aim was to streamline support operations, enhance efficiency, and maintain a high level of satisfaction among their diverse customer base.

They wanted a partner who knew what excellent customer experience looked like, and how to make it scalable and efficient. With an already established relationship, Sutherland was the natural choice for this role.


The Outcome

Synergized Support Across All Customer Types Unlocks New Levels of Satisfaction

With a three-fold aim of reducing operational costs, enhancing the customer support experience, and ensuring that the support framework was scalable and efficient, we worked with this client to integrate advanced technology platforms into their service solution.

With our existing involvement supporting their consumer clients, Sutherland was well-positioned to cross-utilize support technicians, equipping the client with a versatile, dual-skilled team adept at supporting both consumer and business customers.

Additionally, we also incorporated two key platforms, SmartLeap® HelpTree and SmartSolve, into the solution framework. These platforms were chosen for their proven effectiveness in assisting consumer support, making them a strategic asset in achieving operational efficiencies and elevating experiences. As these platforms were already in use for their consumer services, extending their capabilities to business customers was a seamless transition, requiring minimal effort.

This strategic realignment not only ensured optimal utilization of the team but also enhanced the quality and consistency of the support provided, with the transformation increasing customer satisfaction and reducing support call handle time by 20%.


"Having previously transformed this client's customer experiences, we were ready to step up to the challenge of improving their business customers support. Something that particularly excites us about this partnership is their unwavering dedication to customer care. With this attitude at the core – and as the end goal, we were able to transform operations to be more efficient, more personalized, and more effective. We're delighted with the results of this partnership, for both our client and their customers."

- Nagarajan Subramanian
AVP – Enterprise Technology Services, Sutherland Global

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