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Unlock growth opportunities with Sutherland’s market-leading IoT and 5G solutions

Sutherland's IoT-as-a-Service seamlessly integrates IT, IoT, and OT data onto a unified platform. Leveraging advanced technologies like predictive modeling, it achieves impactful business outcomes in terms of productivity, efficiency, and safety and security for both people and assets within various spaces.

MARCH 22, 2024

The solution helps consolidate data from diverse systems to help provide comprehensive monitoring and control, the service ensures 360-degree real-time visibility using cross-functional data. It is an interoperable solution, agnostic to devices, technologies, and protocols, offering tailored solutions for sectors such as hospitals, retail, campuses, cities, buildings, and infrastructure.

Insurance Reimagined With Digital-First OperationsInsurance Reimagined With Digital-First Operations


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