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Sutherland Strengthens Position as Major Contender in Everest Group’s Trust and Safety Services PEAK Matrix® 2024

Our breadth of offerings and expertise in content moderation services have reaffirmed our position as a reputed player in the industry.

MAY 14, 2024

Organizations today need trust and safety services that can answer to increasing volumes, greater diversity of content, and shifting online regulations. To meet these demands, service providers are evolving into strategic partners through their augmented offerings and technology investments.

At Sutherland, we’ve proven ourselves once again to be at the forefront of content moderation. In Everest Group’s latest Trust and Safety Services PEAK Matrix®, we’ve strengthened our position as a Major Contender, due to our varied trust and safety services, including our AI-enabled identity validation platform Sutherland IDScan, our NLP-based interaction analysis gaming solution Sutherland ToxScreen, and our Wellness Resiliency Studio to protect the emotional wellbeing of moderators.

Read the report to uncover more about how Sutherland’s trust and safety services have solidified our position in the industry.

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