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Leading video game brand Activision used Sutherland's CloudTestr to enhance testing efficiency, tackling system challenges and ensuring unmatched gaming experiences.

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NOVEMBER 06, 2023


For more than 30 years, Activision has been changing the way people play. In the process, they have built one of the largest portfolios of recognized gaming brands, and today, Activision is one of the most valuable interactive entertainment companies in the world.

The Challenge

Tackling Upgrade Disruption and Feature Testing Backlogs

Activision, a leading name in the video game publishing sector, has played a fundamental role in gaming's evolution. Yet, they faced several workforce obstacles behind the scenes.

As early adopters of Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), they needed to implement regular patches and upgrades at frequencies from weekly to every eight months. This posed a threat to consistent functionality.

Testing of new features needed to be conducted manually. As a result, a significant test backlog built up that strained HR operations and transaction-focused HRIS teams immensely.

Activision needed a way to stabilize their systems during regular updating periods while enhancing their feature testing efficiency.

The Outcome

Streamlined Testing for Enhanced System Stability

Navigating Activision’s complex IT setup, Sutherland deployed the CloudTestr platform to conduct automated testing synchronized with Oracle Fusion HCM upgrades. We then rolled out a comprehensive regression testing suite for system changes, integrating a keyword-driven approach complemented by a dynamic test data template.

These strategies not only addressed the core challenges faced by Activision, but also fortified their system against potential future issues, ensuring high-quality, uninterrupted gaming experiences for their users.

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