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Learn how our client increased supply chain transparency, boosted sales, and enhanced product quality with Sutherland's digital supply chain solution and ERP integration.

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NOVEMBER 06, 2023


An electrical goods manufacturer had a heritage of more than six decades in India and was internationally recognized for their high-quality products. They had state-of-the-art facilities and operations in over 35 countries and were trusted by households worldwide.

The Challenge

Taking a Supply Chain from Complexity to Transparency

While enjoying a leading presence in the global market, our client faced numerous operating inefficiencies.

False warranty claims drove up costs. Demand forecasting, especially for secondary sales, was inaccurate, leading to stockouts and affecting the company’s ability to fulfil demand.

A fragmented supply chain with inadequate tracking also introduced quality discrepancies and caused missed synergies and efficiencies.

The company turned to Sutherland for a better system.

The Outcome

Introducing Enhanced Product Visibility to the Supply Chain

Sutherland implemented eSeal, our innovative digital supply chain solution, to address our client's challenges. The system assigned a unique ID to every product, improving product visibility through the supply chain like never before. The solution also enabled comprehensive mapping and tracing items from individual components to the final product.

eSeal was integrated with the company’s ERP system, enhancing data accessibility and processing.

With Work-in-Progress visibility, real-time insights were unlocked, streamlining production. Inventory transparency was also assured across all storage points, while dispatch validation reinforced FIFO, curtailing discrepancies.

Our approach reduced complaints and enabled rigorous validation to curb false warranty claims. Additionally, by reducing stockout situations, our client could ensure consistent product availability to drive sales.

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