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Learn how a top battery manufacturer teamed up with Sutherland to streamline operations, save annual IT costs, bolster compliance, and enhance efficiency.

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NOVEMBER 06, 2023

Our client is one of the largest industrial battery manufacturers in the world, with more than $3.3 billion in revenue and 11,400 employees, and an international presence spanning 100 countries. A global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, it offers an extensive product line of motive power, reserve power, aerospace/defense, and specialty batteries along with a full range of integrated services and systems.

The Challenge

Addressing Fragmented Operations to Control Rising IT Costs

Following several mergers and acquisitions, our client was faced with a heterogenous IT infrastructure across the world.

IT costs were rising due to unplanned hardware and software acquisitions and manual tracking meant there was no clarity on overall spending or usage metrics. Additionally, deviations from standard procedures led to compliance and security audit concerns.

The company knew that they needed a united system to integrate fragmented systems and processes, and control costs. They turned to Sutherland for a solution.

The Outcome

Introducing Compliance Friendly and Efficient Operating Framework

Our IT Asset Management division designed a phased strategy tailored to the client’s requirements. We deployed a cloud-based solution for centralized real-time tracking. This was customized to deliver both granular asset tracking and comprehensive lifecycle management.

Data integrity and transparency were a priority. So, we established a foundational dataset encompassing all hardware and software assets. To tackle regional gaps, we connected all purchasing and entitlement records into a unified framework.

Our holistic approach also identified gaps in regional contracts. To address these, significant site-specific contracts were seamlessly transitioned to global ones, unlocking better pricing and optimizing asset use across the board.

Seeing AI to Eye with the Customer

Our Insight & Design team collaborated with key stakeholders to workshop and identify key pain points across the entire customer journey.

We recognized an opportunity to leverage our Conversational AI solution to make sales simpler. Our cutting-edge digital assistant (chatbot) helped streamline the pre-qualification sales funnel to eliminate bottlenecks. This infinitely scalable chatbot allowed the client to remain available after business hours, generating qualified leads 24/7 with minimal human intervention.

Sutherland Conversational AI is embedded with machine learning technology that can adapt to any legislative changes affecting the industry. Natural Language Processing (NLP) analyzes conversation patterns to continually refine the customer experience. AI and quick reply buttons also enhance the experience for the end customer while efficiently funneling fully qualified opportunities directly to representatives to complete the sale.

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