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Sutherland's solution led to faster time to market, integrated IT operations, cost savings, and improved product quality.

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NOVEMBER 06, 2023


Our client is a leading American prepaid, no-contract mobile operator and part of a multinational telecommunications conglomerate. Operating as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), its various brands provide mobile services to around 23 million subscribers over the network infrastructure of other large wireless network operators.

The Challenge

Turning Inefficient Systems into Faster Delivery

Our client faced multiple roadblocks in DevOps. Their CI/CD systems were inefficient, leading to compromised deployments without an automated release mechanism. Inadequate artifact management made them heavily dependent on other teams. Additionally, their DevOps practices were hindered by limited observability and unclear approval processes. It was time for a modern Infrastructure-as-a-Code approach.

The Outcome

Accelerated Release Cycles and Significant Cost Savings

Sutherland initiated a comprehensive transformation for this client. This included three main steps:

  • Improved CI/CD and Artifact Management: Sutherland deployed Jenkins for enhanced CI/CD to improve testing and deployment efficiency, while incorporating 'antifactory' to streamline the artifact lifecycle.

  • Refined Release Management: A clear approval process was implemented, empowering development teams with self-deployment autonomy.

  • Upgraded Infrastructure: We introduced an Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IAC) approach to modernize provisioning, enhance observability, and equip systems with integrated log analysis and better insights.

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