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How a leading clean energy solutions provider implemented end-to-end customer support capabilities to cut costs, drive new efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Industry Energy and Utilities
APRIL 04, 2024

The Challenge

Cost-effective and Efficient Customer Care

Serving more than 5 million customers, our client supplies electricity and natural gas for residential and business customers across the US. They are recognized for being a leading source of clean energy solutions.

Their ongoing success led to a large volume of work. However, their legacy infrastructure was ill-equipped to manage the increasing demands of customer care while maintaining cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Our client needed a strategic partner capable of enhancing and automating their customer engagement processes. They turned to Sutherland to help them implement a cost-efficient, scalable solution to enhance responsiveness and improve handling and resolution times for a better overall customer experience.


The Outcome

A Holistic Approach to Customer Care Transformation

Starting with a deep understanding of our client’s engagement process with their customers, Sutherland proposed a comprehensive solution that integrated people, processes, and platforms.

We began by introducing a new global operating model for customer support. Front-office operations were established in the US with bilingual agents that could speak English and Spanish, paired with a comprehensive training curriculum and Sutherland’s AI-powered Cognitive Knowledge Engine. This enabled customer care agents to quickly and easily solve customer queries, ensuring our client could deliver consistent, quality enhance customer support while significantly reducing average handle time.

Existing processes were then redesigned for efficiency, bringing automation to operations. Advanced analytics were also introduced across the business, providing actionable insights to further streamline processes and drive cost savings.

With the new operating model in place our client saw:

  • Stabilized Average Speed of Answer (ASA) levels

  • 15% improvement in call handling time since inception

  • Service order reduction from 25%+ errors to under 5%

  • 30% improvement on Quality Assurance (QA)


"Partnering with one of the top suppliers of clean electricity and natural gas for residential and business customers across the US was an opportunity for Sutherland to showcase our domain expertise and market-leading technology to achieve tangible results. Through the holistic transformation of operating models and processes, we integrated people, processes, and platforms to enable cost-efficient customer care that exceeded expectations"

- Noah Beltran
SVP, Transformation and Innovation

A Centralized
User Management Solution

Starting by evaluating existing automation efforts, we leveraged our Sutherland RAPID model to re-evaluate our client’s use cases by replacing their existing RPA solution software with our end-to-end hyperautomation platform Robility. We used our Sutherland Robility platform to connect disparate systems across the business and deliver a more efficient workflow for our client. We created a one-window solution for all Claims First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

We utilized Robility's native OCR, RPA, workflow, AI/ML and digital command center components to increase speed-to-market and derive more value from use cases. The Robility hyperautomation platform centralized the user management solution across various applications. This allowed us to effectively manage user roles and application access management while dramatically increasing productivity and reducing overall cost of both licensing and operations.

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