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Webinar: Pathway to Efficiency: An Expert Guide to Transform Credentialing, Eliminate Friction + Manual Tasks and Boost Revenue

In this webinar with Becker’s Healthcare, we explore how technology-driven credentialing workflows can avert costly holdups in provider onboarding, rectification of claims, and compliance breach penalties.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2023

Credentialing workflows are in need of a revamp. While the process of credentialing is pivotal for establishing and overseeing a top-tier provider network — and harbors significant potential for enhancing efficiency, bolstering data accuracy, and trimming expenses — many healthcare payers continue to lean on needlessly intricate, manual procedures.

During this interactive session, experts will elaborate on how healthcare payers can transition to technology-driven credentialing workflows that avert costly holdups in provider onboarding, rectification of claims, and substantial penalties stemming from compliance breaches.

You will gain insights into:

  • The impending credentialing dilemma and the pressing call for action within the healthcare sector.
  • How outdated systems are impeding both healthcare payers and providers.
  • Automation and AI-driven tools that are enabling leading establishments to streamline this progression.

Jim Dwyer

Chief Transformation & Innovation Officer

Jim has pioneered digital organizations in the healthcare industry supporting over 100,000 physicians and conducting millions of monthly clinical transactions, helped design multiple payer/provider collaborations, and led consulting and strategy practices for digital transformation, interoperability, and application services.

Jim Dwyer

Jordan Armstrong

Client & Growth Officer, Sutherland Healthcare Solutions

Divya Pillai

Payer Delivery Leader, Sutherland Healthcare Solutions

Divya Pillai

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