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Discover how an insurance agency enhanced their ability to pre-qualify leads with Sutherland.

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Industry Insurance
OCTOBER 19, 2023

The Challenge

Boosting The Quote-to-Bind Ratio Using Lead Pre-Qualification

They are a top U.S. online Insurance agency. Using a data-driven technology platform, they match and connect consumers seeking to purchase insurance with relevant options from their network of providers.

Their process: two main service lines, one to attract consumers to websites, the other to provide relevant consumer data to providers. And they do so across a variety of insurance products, spanning auto to commercial.

But to ensure the stability of their sales performance, they needed to increase their quote-to-bind ratio across the P&C and life insurance sectors. It was time to bring in a partner with deep domain and CX expertise who could set up and manage operations to pre-qualify leads at scale, across both service lines.

The Outcome

Dual Lead Pre-Qualification Aligned With the Main Customer Journeys

Laying the foundations, Sutherland deployed a sales support Center of Excellence in the Philippines to initiate lead pre-qualification at scale. A team of 100+ experienced FTEs were rigorously trained on various P&C and life products, with cross-training to ensure resources could be exchanged across both service lines.

This team was then able to get to work on lead pre-qualification for the online marketplace.

Sutherland executives made outbound calls to the agency’s customers who had visited and inquired. This enabled the executives to confirm customer interests, respond to common FAQs, and match them to conduct a live transfer to a licensed US-based agent or schedule an appointment. And the process was tailored to both service lines:

  • Customers who made general enquiries were contacted by agents, who estimated the customers’ needs and purchase intentions before connecting them to a provider that satisfied their demands.
  • Customers who were interested in purchasing a high-value policy but wanted to be connected with an agent in their area were pre-qualified before their information was shared with a local agent.

The combination of services we provided met 100% of the agency’s lead pre-qualification volume, at the same time exceeding their target call transfer rate and lead quality standards. This ultimately enabled them to manage this process efficiently at scale while boosting their GPW sales.

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