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AI-driven insurance company partners with Sutherland to jump-start digital-first customer experience in a hugely competitive market segment.

Services End-to-end Multi-channel Customer Experience Services for Policyowners, Agents, and Embedded Partners, General Queries, Billing, Payment Method, Certificate of Insurance, Adjustments, Renewals, Changes, Payroll
Industry Insurance
OCTOBER 19, 2023

The Challenge

Perfecting customer experience amidst growth at break-neck speed

This online Payer and Consumer (P&C) insurer focuses on the small and medium commercial segment and delivers an array of AI-based products.

The fastest-growing insurer in their segment, they saw 400% growth in less than 2 years. This meant an aggregated $700 million in GWP for 2022, and a $4B valuation.

This meteoric growth was attached to a wide base of products that needed contextual service support, and faced continually evolving customer expectations. So it was time to turn their attention to their customer experience.

Their vision: a best-in-class customer experience center that completely redefines the future of the insurance industry.

But the fast-changing, difficult-to-forecast, and rapidly growing environment made it harder to deliver a unified customer experience. They needed a trusted partner to evolve with them and deliver an outstanding digital experience across multiple channels as they addressed a hugely competitive market segment.

The Outcome

A top-notch customer experience center achieving best-in-class customer metrics across the board

Sutherland engaged with the insurer early in their high-growth journey to proactively address their evolving customer service needs, achieving superior service metrics across CSAT and NPS. We established their largest center for customer experience, with services delivered through our licensed super-agents based in the US.

Our real-time monitoring and analytics-driven work-forecasting framework predicts call volume in line with their policy and premium growth.

To meet their growth, the initial team grew by 250% in less than 6 months and still met 100% of quality, productivity, and first-time resolution metrics. This was supported by an investment in training artefact creation, self-help knowledge libraries, and a strong cross-training framework.

But that’s not all. Sutherland also deployed our innovative CX360™ and Helptree™ solutions to reduce call quality management costs and the training timeline, building even greater flexibility and resiliency into operations.

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