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Leveraging our 3A Blueprint (Analyze, Automate, Augment), we carefully crafted a near-shore solution anchored by empathy, transparency, and customer satisfaction – while increasing productivity and shrinking expenses.

Services Claims Servicing, Contact Center, Digital Transformation
Industry Insurance
AUGUST 24, 2023

The Challenge

A New Model for the Moments That Matter

This Group Benefits provider was looking for a partner with transformative ideas to move their claims contact center into a more efficient and cost-effective model, allowing their staff to better focus on strategy and product growth.

This was the first time in this insurer’s history that they would trust an external company to handle voice interactions with their most valued customers. The policyholders reaching out to the contact center were often facing some of the worst moments of their lives, so empathy, clarity, and superior customer service were must-haves.

Further complicated by multiple legacy policy administration systems, a unique approach was required to provide advisors with accurate and timely policyholder information. Finding a partner who understood the complexities of their product portfolio across multiple brands was a challenge.


The Perfect Balance Between Digital Solutions and Human Touch

Taking multiple factors into consideration, Sutherland chose Jamaica as the strategic location to service these moments that matter. This allowed the Group Benefits insurer to take advantage of a near-shore location just a few hours of travel from their headquarters, operating within an hour of their local time, all while leveraging native English-speaking talent. This approach built additional resiliency in the Insurer’s operating model.

Sutherland worked closely with this Group Benefits Insurer to craft a training and transition plan that allowed minimal disruption to their existing operation while still providing a speedy ramp-up. Post-transition, several proprietary technologies come into effect to aid and assist advisors in handling calls from policyholders – effectively transforming the claimant’s experience.

Focusing on a reimagination of the claimant’s experience, we worked with them to drive higher call resolution, driving process efficiency, and reducing the number of calls per claimant. Their new digital toolkit includes:

  • CX360 - Interaction analytics solution for 100% quality assurance, with real-time feedback to make better decisions faster – improving the service delivered to internal and external stakeholders.
  • HelpTree CKE - A cognitive knowledge base solution for next best action on policy, procedural, and desktop reference information.
  • Robility – A hyperautomation solution, with AI/ML capabilities for agent augmentation.
  • IVR Enhancement – A solution that drives better digital deflection by implementing insights from claimant experience reimagination.
  • Media Labs – A solution that helps to create personalized videos aimed at call reduction and experience uplift.

This digital transformation allowed the insurer to significantly reduce call volumes, gain day-to-day operating and reporting efficiencies, and dramatically reduce operating costs.

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