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Discover how America’s most recognized brand in supplemental insurance supercharged cross-sells to 1.6 products per member with Sutherland.

Services Insurance Direct-to-Consumer, Policy Acquisition, Digital Transformation, Conversational AI
Industry Insurance
OCTOBER 19, 2023

The Challenge

Introducing an Automation-Led Digital Operating Model and Improving Speed-to-Market for New Products

America’s most recognized brand in supplemental insurance had several new product offerings – bringing with them the potential to reach untapped consumer markets.

But they struggled to accelerate their speed-to-market, due to manual processes. Customer experience was being compromised. All of which was ultimately risking their overall sales growth.

They knew that automation-led digital processes were the key to helping them enhance the sales experience, establish a direct-to-consumer channel, and capitalize on new markets.

To support the complex process of end-to-end digital adoption, they needed a partner experienced in policy acquisition and customer experience transformation. One that could ease the transition to new business processes, aided by automated underwriting and step-by-step guidance from trusted advisors.

The Outcome

Reimagined Direct-to-Customer Sales Journey

We redesigned the insurer’s direct-to-consumer operating model to enable faster launch of new products, scaling from 3 products at launch to 10+ supplemental insurance products.

Sutherland operated as a ‘captive partner’. This meant we provided a robust sales team that was 100% dedicated to the carrier and also operated as a trusted advisor to the customer. We harnessed our human-centric design approach to build empathetic and meaningful conversation scripts that convey the relevance and value of the products. From this, we achieved effective cross-sell with 1.6 products per member, positively impacting profitability.

We infused our proven set of integrated CX, digital accelerators, and platforms into the insurer’s ecosystem, such as Sutherland Connect and Sutherland CX360. Sutherland Conversational AI worked to automate the lead pre-qualification process, freeing licensed agents to dedicate more time to selling, and improving the close rate by 30%.

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