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View our case study on how Sutherland improved call resolution and employee satisfaction for a leading pet specialty retailer.

Services Sutherland Labs, Digital Engineering Services, Business process services
Industry Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
JUNE 23, 2017

The IT help desk team was struggling to provide support to its 1,400 pet retail locations, corporate offices, and remote employees in the US and Puerto Rico. The team could not keep pace with the high demand of technology-related problems that ranged from malfunctioning software and kiosks with faulty wireless connections to multiple POS terminal issues. In fact, before Sutherland, the IT help desk team was only able to close roughly 40% of all IT help cases. The result was frustrated store and corporate employees working in less than optimal conditions.

To deliver on the key outcome of improving call resolutions and employee satisfaction, Sutherland implemented a store health and wellness check. This new process consisted of preventative store calls and root-cause issue analysis. Sutherland reduced downtime through the proactive monitoring of store systems, devices, and corporate servers, allowing the IT help desk team to get ahead of situations causing issues. In addition, the Sutherland team created store mockups to simulate the employee environment, which resulted in faster and more efficient issue resolution.

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