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Independent Report on Retail and CPG Industry Service Providers Highlights Sutherland as an Enterprise Innovator

Sutherland’s innovation makes it a leading digital transformation partner for retail and CPG brands, says new report.

MARCH 22, 2024

A new report from HFS Horizons on retail and CPG industry service providers placed Sutherland in the Horizons 2 category for enterprise innovators.
The report found Sutherland to be a service provider with the ability to enhance end-to-end retail and CPG services and deliver unmatched value for stakeholders.

This is due to our excellence in:

  • Process optimization

  • New technology development

  • Domain expertise

  • Performance-driven client relationships, and more

Read the full report for all the details about what sets Sutherland apart from other retail and CPG industry service providers.

Sutherland Editorial


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