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Learn how we created a Talk to an Expert program for one of the world's largest e-retailers to provide customer support for issues, thus reducing returns.

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Industry Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
MARCH 09, 2021

Resolving a Surge in Returns

Our client was experiencing a surge in returns where people couldn’t figure out how to make certain products work. People were giving up and returning these items even though they were not defective or damaged. This surge in returns gained attention as they were mostly in the electronics category. Electronics go through rigorous QA testing by the manufacturer, so damage or defect wasn’t a factor for concern here. It soon became clear that the reason so many customers were returning products was that they came with limited support when setting them up. Our client needed to create more product-specific content that would help users set up and adopt new products effectively.

Talk to an Expert

We created our Talk to an Expert program for people struggling to understand or set up recent purchases. Our TTE team provided customer support for issues through phone, messaging, email, video, and useful articles to help customers set up products, guide them through basic usage, and troubleshoot issues.

We produced hundreds of articles covering various product categories such as Home, PC, and Consumer Electronics. In addition, we also created videos based on product manuals to make setting up products even easier for customers.

Launched in 2018, across our India region, we now also provide support in the Philippines through phone and messaging (Async chat).

This project has also made a substantial environmental impact with less paper waste from return labels and packaging materials. And as we enter 2021, our growth is set to continue, as we add more sub-categories to the scope of this project.

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