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Read our case study about how Sutherland used AI and Analytics to put a global conglomerate’s automotive retail entity on the road to success.

Services Digital Engineering Services, Sutherland Connect, Analytics and AI
Industry Retail and Consumer Packaged goods
SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

Seamless Digital Engagement Overhauls Automotive Conglomerate

Our United Arab Emirates (UAE) client is one of the world’s largest conglomerates representing global brands in auto, retail, real estate, finance, and healthcare.

After undergoing a cloud-enabled infrastructure transformation for data democratization to modernize their legacy infrastructure, aligning its systems with new technologies and automating its operations, they leveraged customer interactions across all channels to deliver delight to their customers.

In their automotive retail arena, they wanted to initiate the customer-centric transformation of eight brands including Lexus and Toyota. The ‘engagement center’, its point of interaction for all customers, was the pivot point for this transformation.

They needed a strategic, center stage to glean insights on what could be leveraged to drive actionable outcomes—to ensure both customer and conglomerate delight.

Empowering Agents to Deliver Customer Delight Across All Channels

Along with our Digital Engineering Services team, Sutherland Analytics created an insight-driven, end-to-end customer centric process leveraging AI platforms. It had to be nimble. And scalable. The digital transformation spanned across the customer lifecycle—starting with new customer acquisitions to improved metrics into customer retention, driving loyalty via repeat purchases in car service, spare parts and body shops. Two themes paved the way.


AI Powered Digital Engagement


Sutherland deployed intent driven AI powered search platform - Cognitive Knowledge Engine (CKE) and Omni-Channel Interaction platform- Sutherland Connect coupled with a Conversational AI enabled chatbot to digitalize the customer engagement.

Whilst CKE delivered Knowledge Management Services for the agents, driving reduction in issue resolution time, and thereby improving the Customer Satisfaction, Sutherland Connect diverted the customers to the live agents at the engagement center automatically based on their interaction with the AI chatbot. The platform leveraged NLP algorithms to identify the contact reason and designed seamless relevant conversation such as scheduling a car service appointment or seeing how many miles were left on a lease.

We created an interactive unified desktop on customer 360-degree visualization which acted as a single-source of truth for the agents on a particular customer profile.


AI Enabled Personalization

We leveraged advanced predictive analytics to determine lead scoring (driving improved customer acquisition/sales) and retention (driving repeat purchases and loyalty). After analyzing the scores with customer segmentation techniques, we defined customer personas across 5 different categories. This empowered the agents with Next Best Action (NBA) and personalized strategies for each customer’s interactions at the engagement center.

Together, this ensured improved user adoption and the organization was able to gain immediate wins, showcasing the success of this transformation.

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