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Sutherland and Google Cloud Help You Rapidly Respond to Changing Market Conditions

Google Cloud and Sutherland help you rapidly respond to evolving market needs, elevate your customer experience, and create new value, so you can become a leader in your market by helping your customers succeed.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2018

Pillar 1: Rapidly Responding to Changing Market Conditions

In our partnership with Google Cloud, we identify three pillars that will build our clients’ success. The first pillar deals primarily with helping our customers modernize their infrastructure for agility and speed.

Sutherland customers no longer need to worry about having cloud-savvy talent on staff. We offer trained Google Cloud Platform (GCP)—certified cloud architects and data engineers, as well as domain expertise in a wide variety of industries. Domain-specific customer experience experts work closely with users to define their technology stack and capabilities to determine which workloads should be moved to a cloud environment to improve customer experience.

This means you can migrate to the public or private cloud with confidence.

Quickly and Efficiently Move Workloads

Sutherland manages the end-to-end process of designing, developing, and delivering your Google Cloud Platform environment, while also going a step further by supporting and optimizing the platform for maximum performance. This means you can potentially migrate data from data centers anywhere on the planet.

Maintaining service levels and compliance is always a concern during migrations. That’s why Sutherland engineers use a combination of DevOps automation tools, agile best practices, and Sutherland IP to quickly and securely move customer experience impacting workloads to the right GCP configuration. We do this with minimal disruption to your cloud environment.

Optimize Your Current Workload

A straight lift and shift might save some expense, but it doesn’t necessarily allow you to leverage the full power of the cloud and Google Cloud Services to improve your customer experience.

Our Sutherland engineers use Google DevOps tools like AppEngine to quickly re-architect your existing applications to take advantage of containers and microservices. When your technology is running securely and reliably on Google Cloud Platform, your development teams can innovate quickly, shorten release cycles, and support your customer experience more efficiently.

Leverage Google Cloud’s Enterprise Readiness, Openness, and Security

GCP provides everything your enterprise needs to build and scale in the cloud, from a fully managed app development platform to powerful big data and analytics. And you can rest assured that they always run on Google Cloud’s secure, high-performance global network.

As a big data and AI first company, Google Cloud provides customers with cutting edge machine learning tools, cloud computing, and embedded frameworks. Paired with real-time data ingestion, simplified data preparation, and scalable infrastructure, GCP is positioned to help organizations leverage AI capabilities as a competitive advantage.

We leverage GCP to quickly and efficiently manage and continuously improve customer experiences, saving users time and expense. GCP accelerates your innovation cycles and reduces your time to insight thanks to real-time data analytics. We eliminate the time developers traditionally spend on managing infrastructure so they can focus on writing code.

Sutherland and Google Cloud Help You Rapidly Respond to Changing Market Conditions

Get Back to Working on What You Do Best

In many enterprises, management of the customer experience is scattered across disparate systems, multiple organizations, and geographies. This factor often creates a painful experience for customers and results in a high rate of churn.

We manage customer experience for a wide range of industry-leading companies. We know what it takes to make customer experiences sticky and efficient. We see it as an integrated, end-to-end process. Our support centers rigorously maintain performance and security, as well as compliance with local data privacy and other regulatory requirements, all over Google Cloud’s highly secure multi-layered infrastructure.

Zoltan Szabadi, head of MSP Partners at Google, indicated, “I believe Sutherland chose Google Cloud Platform as its strategic partner because the technology that we have meshes with their core competencies around artificial intelligence and analytics, really going big with customers, and going beyond just managing infrastructure, but really building solutions that will make those customers successful.”

We manage customer experiences for our clients so they can finally focus on what they do best. It’s a seamless, integrated process from code all the way out to the customer. We provide you with industry leading domain experience, cost savings, reduced churn, and more time and resources to focus on your core business.

Sutherland Chief Business Development Officer DC Wright added, “We have something we call the 4 Ds: Discover, Design, Develop, and Deliver. Google Cloud certainly plays a huge part in the development part of the technology, but at the end of the day, what we are really shooting for is a long-term relationship that will allow us to have deep human-centered insights that let us together design with our client a unique and bespoke solution and then deploy it quickly. And more importantly, we can iterate and improve over time. We’re really looking for solutions over the horizon, and where we can bring impact to the market today.”

Learn more about the Sutherland and Google Cloud Partnership and how this partnership can make an impact in customer experience.

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