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How Sutherland delivered 89% growth in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for a leading communications and collaboration platform.

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JUNE 12, 2024

The Challenge

Reducing Operational Costs and Finding New Revenue Streams

A multinational technology leader specializing in networking, cybersecurity, and communications technology, this Fortune-100 company serves a diverse client base of 300,000 customers worldwide, ranging from the public sector to private businesses of all sizes.

Reflecting its capabilities to cater to different organizational needs for secure, reliable, and efficient communication, their portfolio includes routing and switching devices, networking solutions, advanced security systems, and cloud-based offerings. A substantial part of their business is a comprehensive suite of products designed for collaboration and interaction for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and enterprises.

They were looking to lower expenditure and realign their approach to customer support, evolving it from a cost center to a value and revenue-generating entity.

The Outcome

Transforming Reactive Customer Support Into Proactive Customer Success for Revenue Generation

Sutherland collaborated with the client to gradually turn the support unit into a proactive, profitable customer success center. With a sharp focus on churn management and product adoption, we refined our approach, concentrating exclusively on their business product suite.

In laying the groundwork for the transition, Sutherland identified four areas as essential for success:

  • Data validation: Ensuring accuracy and financial significance of data, establishing reporting frequency, and identifying dependencies.
  • Customer analysis: Evaluating customer case trends, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), organizational histories, key users and influencers, and payment patterns.
  • Equipping personnel: Developing communication strategies and templates, outlining workflows for customer interactions, and setting reporting and tracking mechanisms.
  • Defining success metrics: Setting benchmarks for measuring success that focused on adoption growth, upsell percentages, and zero and automatic renewal rates.

Having completed the pre-work, we drew on our 35+ years of experience in business process optimization to develop a proactive campaign planning model that guarantees the efficacy of each initiative.

The Sutherland model involves identifying priority accounts for the campaign, defining its scope, estimating the necessary resources, establishing the strategy framework, selecting the right agents based on their skills and previous performances, choosing the right tools, and training staff on the tools used.

Since its inception, we have refined this methodical approach over time and simultaneously grown the team to 92 Customer Success Managers, offering unique value to the client and yielding impressive outcomes through the process.

This team now enhances customer engagement through omnichannel support, as well as targeted initiatives centered on boosting product usage, encouraging the adoption of new features, facilitating product value realization, and improving customer retention.

The team's gradual transformation achieved cost savings, revenue growth, and higher rates of customer satisfaction. In recent years, we have delivered:

  • Campaign success rate improvement from 26% to 51% from Q4 2022 through Q1 2024, meaning a 96% increase.
  • ARR growth from $688k per quarter to $1.3m per quarter from Q4 2022 through Q1 FY24.
  • The client is projected to capture $8.5m in ARR by the end of Q2 2024.

A Centralized
User Management Solution

Starting by evaluating existing automation efforts, we leveraged our Sutherland RAPID model to re-evaluate our client’s use cases by replacing their existing RPA solution software with our end-to-end hyperautomation platform Robility. We used our Sutherland Robility platform to connect disparate systems across the business and deliver a more efficient workflow for our client. We created a one-window solution for all Claims First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

We utilized Robility's native OCR, RPA, workflow, AI/ML and digital command center components to increase speed-to-market and derive more value from use cases. The Robility hyperautomation platform centralized the user management solution across various applications. This allowed us to effectively manage user roles and application access management while dramatically increasing productivity and reducing overall cost of both licensing and operations.

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