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Improved global language coverage while enhancing efficiency and productivity with Sutherland’s content moderation services and Translate.AI.

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MAY 06, 2024

The Challenge

Evolving Business Needs for Content Moderation Operations

An FTSE 250 company, this online platform hosts a review community, helping businesses to connect with potential consumers. With over one million reviews each month, they enable consumers to make better buying decisions by collecting and publishing customers’ feedback about the experiences, products, and services they use.

Their primary goal is to build and maintain trust between consumers and brands, so protecting the integrity of the reviews they publish is essential. However, with the vast number of global reviews they were receiving across various languages, this was becoming increasingly challenging.

The client knew future business growth was dependent on investing in safeguards and content moderation to protect the integrity of their platform and break down language barriers for their agents. They required a partner with domain expertise and a technology background who could innovate and do so quickly, reliably, and at scale across a number of languages.


The Outcome

Utilizing AI Translation for Greater Language Coverage

Due to their ever-evolving business needs and content moderation requirements, the client chose Sutherland as a partner who could be proactive, innovative, and adaptable.

Sutherland worked with this client to design a scalable content moderation solution with a human-centric approach.

As a global platform, this had to be accomplished in several languages. We utilized our proprietary translation platform, Translate.AI , empowering agents to moderate interactions across a variety of languages.

The roll out happened in phases. First, we implemented Translate.AI with Dutch, Danish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, and Swedish to manage the low volumes across these queues, allowing for testing and optimizing integrations and processes, as well as training agents. Once the workflow was proven, we entered phase two, where French, German, Italian, and Spanish started to be supported. The result was an improvement of language coverage by 50%.

With agent productivity increased by 57% in the first month alone, Sutherland’s solutions have helped this client to scale operations rapidly and reliably, supporting business growth.

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