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Protecting the Player Experience

Blend the best of AI-human synergies in your content moderation capabilities to maintain a safe, positive gaming experience without stifling the fun.

APRIL 04, 2024

What sets the best games apart from the rest? Trust and safety. When players know they can focus on the fun without worrying about bullying or abuse, that’s end-level success.

As gamers ourselves, Sutherland understands how important it is to navigate the nuances between friendly trash talk and something more sinister. Combining market-leading AI and automation capabilities with human intelligence, we can:

  • Monitor a large volume of conversations at scale, from livestreams and stream chat, to in-game moderation

  • Enable next-level customer interactions that deliver consistent, stand-out CX

  • Take action in real time against toxic behavior and deliver a positive gaming experience for everyone.

Protecting the Player ExperienceProtecting the Player Experience


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