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Skoda uses Sutherland’s ServiceNext to boost the engagement and productivity of its customer service organization.

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DECEMBER 04, 2023

The Challenge

Managing High Ticket Volumes to Quickly Resolve Customer Requests

Skoda Auto is a leading automobile manufacturer with a strong presence in Europe and other international markets. The company’s customer service team struggled to manage ticket volumes with limited support staff.

The team was facing intense pressure to quickly give accurate guidance to customers. Skoda needed digital solutions to help improve the efficiency of its customer service setup.

The Outcome

Streamlined Customer Experience and Faster Resolution Times Using Automated Chatbot Technology

Skoda joined forces with Sutherland to address the challenge of huge ticket volumes with a seamless self-service experience, deploying an AI-driven conversational chatbot on the company’s website.

Build, implementation, training, testing, and maintenance were all completed in just eight weeks, including a future-ready AI solution that integrates seamlessly with Oracle OMEC and Twilio. The chatbot handles queries, showcases new models and offers, facilitates test drive bookings, and manages service requests, filtering only complex queries to the service team.

With the help of Sutherland’s ServiceNext, the team was able to significantly expand its support capabilities, handling hundreds of thousands of customer queries while reducing costs and improving resolution time.

Applying Knowledge. Improving Service.

As a ServiceNow premiere partner, Sutherland’s global access management (GAM) team was able to draw on its expertise in working with the platform to employ service level agreement (SLA) best practices and extensive knowledge management.

Sutherland helped improve IT internal communications through regular calibration and impact assessment leading to a drop in ticket reassignment errors while speeding ticket resolutions. The team also reorganized ticket distribution and the queue management process to boost IT SLA.

The GAM team’s ability to work with the company’s IT staff to deliver higher levels of enterprise IT support helped the company optimize its ServiceNow platform and achieve better SLA while boosting customer service satisfaction among its employees. This proactive approach led to sustained results making Sutherland the company’s preferred IT GAM vendor.

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