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Discover how Sutherland’s digital advisory services and intelligent automation enabled one of the largest third-party auto loan services to improve efficiencies and cost savings.

Services Digital Advisory Services, Process re-engineering, Intelligent automation
Industry Banking and Financial Services
MARCH 07, 2024

The Challenge

Addressing Financial Pressures With the Right Automation Expertise

One of the largest third-party loan services in the US, this company offers auto loans and financial services to a client base of over 200k. US-based but with a global footprint, they’re experts at providing world-class customer experience, offering convenient tech-enabled solutions.

Adverse macro-economic conditions impacted originators in 2022, however. With a legacy operating model, our client faced a real business challenge, unable to reinvent processes that were labor intensive, while, at the same time, struggling to acquire and retain the right talent.

In an effort to drive efficiencies and gain a competitive edge, they attempted to implement automation on their own. However, they hit yet another obstacle with a lack of experience and disjointed and inefficient implementation that impeded their efforts. Their time-to-market was slow, and as delinquencies rose, resulting in higher collection volumes and costs, our client faced significant margin pressure.

They were looking for a partner capable of recognizing outsourcing and transformation opportunities and swiftly implementing effective solutions.


The Outcome

Intelligent Automation-Enabled Savings and Efficiencies

In search of a scalable, efficient model, this third-party auto loans servicer reached out to Sutherland. Our team of experts conducted an advisory assessment to evaluate their end-to-end processes and identified the best opportunities to implement automation.

We developed a holistic roadmap for optimized outsourcing and transformation with a scope of over 400 FTEs in customer support, collections, finance and accounting, and legal and compliance. Simultaneously, we created Centers of Excellence across India, the Philippines, and Jamaica, and over 70 SOPs to help standardize processes and improve the agent experience.

In addition, we mapped and defined operational standards with a global operating model of standardized processes. Leveraging lean Six Sigma methodology, we were able to remove redundant Non Value Add activities and reduce TCO.

Our Robility™ services team also developed bots in partnership with a leading automation platform to help eliminate manual data analysis within the vehicle auction accounting process. The hyperautomation solution reinvented inventory management, flagging data outliers automatically, and enabling quicker accounting of payments.

With end-to-end process mapping capabilities, we identified operational efficiencies, re-engineered the process, and implemented a comprehensive operational framework to ensure compliance.


"When our client came to us, they had previously tried and failed to implement automation across their operations. The difference with our process is that we look at operations end-to-end, dismantling any existing silos, and helping re-engineer processes. We look forward to working together to help them reach their goals."

A Centralized
User Management Solution

Starting by evaluating existing automation efforts, we leveraged our Sutherland RAPID model to re-evaluate our client’s use cases by replacing their existing RPA solution software with our end-to-end hyperautomation platform Robility. We used our Sutherland Robility platform to connect disparate systems across the business and deliver a more efficient workflow for our client. We created a one-window solution for all Claims First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

We utilized Robility's native OCR, RPA, workflow, AI/ML and digital command center components to increase speed-to-market and derive more value from use cases. The Robility hyperautomation platform centralized the user management solution across various applications. This allowed us to effectively manage user roles and application access management while dramatically increasing productivity and reducing overall cost of both licensing and operations.

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