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Discover how Sutherland helped their client create a remote working solution during the COVID-19 pandemic by setting up a secure work at home environment worldwide.

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APRIL 14, 2021

Meeting Demand in Testing Times

With every business feeling the effects of the pandemic, our client was no different. Their North American customers were beginning to experience longer wait times when calling, with some calls even going unanswered. Around the globe, as more contact centers closed, the need to migrate thousands of service agents to a secure work at home (WAH) environment grew. The client needed to establish hundreds of new remote work agents to triage customer calls that could no longer be serviced from their closing facilities. New agents had to be rapidly sourced, onboarded, trained and set up with the connectivity and technology needed to deliver from a secure WAH environment.

Before the pandemic, our client viewed remote work as a potential security risk that they were unwilling to take. But with their hand now being forced, they turned to us and our track record with secure WAH success.

A Trusted WAH Model

For over 15 years, we’ve built and refined our WAH model. This well-positioned us to apply our workforce management skills to immediately cut through the chaos. Together, our partnership was able to spool up resources to meet customer demand at the very peak of the U.S. pandemic. Our Sutherland Sentinel solution set a new standard for WAH security, reshaping vendor expectations. And with Sutherland Anywhere, we enabled the client to finally embrace the potential of remote working going forward.

The work we did became the basis for a “Call Center of the Future” project, built around a hub and spoke model that incorporates Sutherland Sentinel and 70% WAH staffing. This project has now successfully launched across South America. Because of this work and more, our client named Sutherland its 2020 technology support channel Partner of the Year and gave our people special recognition for their effectiveness, hard work and passion for customers.

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