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Designing and deploying automation to improve customer experiences

JUNE 26, 2017

When a major global telecommunications firm needed to dial up a Process Transformation plan, they called on Sutherland to help it save 50 percent on operating costs and improve significantly its customer and employee satisfaction rates.

The recent client is a fully integrated service provider offering video, internet and telephony services to more than 20 million U.S. customers.

It wanted to cut the costs of its voice, email and chat customer support, improve customer interactions and experience, and lessen repetitive and uninspiring work for employees.


Sutherland transformed the company’s customer service experience by mapping, designing and deploying digital interactions and automation. Sutherland was able to:

  • Design a ‘Digital Agent’ that maintained empathy, sense of humor and passion during customer issue resolution much like a human instead of an interactive voice response, increasing adoption and engagement.

  • Deploy our SmartAgent, ensuring customer interactions remained humanlike and falling-back to human counterparts without repeating completed work steps. This gave customers the ability to walk quickly through automated systems, while remaining able to discuss issues with an updated agent who could solve quickly the problem.

  • Leverage our ‘Digital Agent’ to automate about 75,000 customer password resets a month for email and Wi-Fi. Customer care agents gained extra time to handle more complex issues promptly instead of manually handling password changes over the phone.

The Process Transformation saved the client 50 percent in operating costs, kept 100 percent adherence to its processes and complied with its strict security policy. It also improved customer satisfaction by reducing hold-time levels to zero and boosting issue resolution to 100 percent. The client’s employee retention rate improved 10 percent and employee satisfaction rose 25 percent by reducing repetitive and less challenging work.

Today, 38% of enterprises are already using artificial intelligence and that number is expected to grow to 62% by 2018. And market research firm Forrester predicts a 300% surge in AI investments in 2017.  Where are you investing in AI and automation? Contact Sutherland to help you get the most out of your AI and automation spending.

Grow Revenue. Increase Loyalty. Improve Adoption.

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