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Learn how Sutherland digitally transformed the business process of a client's call center operations, helping them meet and exceed service-level agreements.

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JANUARY 04, 2017

The client conducts property inspections, property preservation, real estate-owned property maintenance, and valuation services, and offers multiple product packages and levels of field service coverage across the nation to help clients quickly sell their properties for the highest possible value.

In late 2011, initial conversations began with this client, as they were disappointed in the service they were receiving from the vendor they were using for their call center operations. Customer service levels were down, the vendor continually increased their prices, and they were unable to predict peaks and valleys in the inventory levels of available properties. The client needed a partner that could provide flexible pricing and staffing, and could manage the hiring, onboarding, and training of the staff.


Sutherland analyzed the peaks and valleys of the call volume, and determined the highs and lows, designing a support structure that was nimble and flexible, ensuring calls were answered as quickly as possible, and within the 10-second average speed of answer service level agreement (SLA). Manpower planning analysts were leveraged to determine the appropriate hours of operation, and determined that inflow varies for different investors and clients. As such, a shift schedule was designed that ensures maximum coverage of tasks within the 18-hour window, followed by implementation of a 24-hour call center, open 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

The call center agents take calls from a variety of personnel responsible for maintaining and/or inspecting bank-owned properties. Agents document the issues or questions about the property, and then schedule time for the various vendors (carpenters, painters, cleaning services, etc.) to return to the property to complete the applicable work.

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